Spouses Flipping Houses is a new resource anyone who invests in Real Estate should be aware of. Even thought angled towards Husband & Wife couples looking to get started in Real Estate Investing, it is a resource of immense value for ANYONE who is just getting started in this business.

Started by Doug & Andrea Van Soest, a Husband & Wife Duo of Professional Investors with over 10 years full-time experience, the two share everything they know and have learned from their experiences.

Delivered in Podcast format, the two talk about their early beginnings, pitfalls to avoid, getting started in real estate investing, how to buy and sell properties, how to rent properties & so much more.

The best part is there are NO sales pitches.

The information they provide is currently free to all who subscribe to them on iTunes.

Doug & Andrea run their own business in the heart of Southern California & are two of the most knowledgeable people currently in this business.

On their website, you can also subscribe to their email where you’ll receive two very valuable pieces of content written and produced by Doug & Andrea.

The first is an 11 Tips Guide, Written by Andrea on how to Successfully work with your spouses or a loved one.

The second, is a 3-part video series produced by Doug on how to Analyze a Deal like an appraiser that will walk you step-by-step through the process to ensure you’re really landing yourself a deal that you’ll be able to profit from when you resale or rent it as a landlord.

As the Spouses Flipping Houses is still in it’s infancy, it’s already gaining momentum and popularity amongst the REI crowd as a go-to source of information.

With over 10 years of experience under their belt, buying and selling properties, this real estate power couple is definitely one that you should add to your list of people to listen to when first getting started.

There are currently 24 episodes on their Podcast with 4 new episodes being released once a week every month.

Here are the topics they currently cover on their podcast:

Their early beginnings
How to Choose your niche in real estate investing
How to determine if you have a deal
How to rehab a property for Maximum Profit
Interview with Just & Tara williams of House Flipping HQ
Marketing strategies to find deals
Interview with Kurtis & Cindy Squyres of FarbelowMarket.com
How to build your real estate dream team
The importance of Technology
How to Build Cashflow for financial freedom
How to Fund Your deals
Is it possible to really work with someone you love?
The importance of Direct Mail & Everything You need to know about it
What to do once your phone starts ringing
The importance of setting goals
How to succeed in a changing market
5 Out of the box ways to land a deal
How to be a landlord
The most important skill to master in this business
A dummies guide to estimating repairs
5 traits of successful entrepreneurs
Working with real estate agents and how they can help you land deals
And more!

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We hope you find this resource valuable!

Change the Décor – Increase the Value of Leasing

Being a real estate investor means that you expect to get a nice income from the building that you own. Usually, investors choose to buy apartment complexes, as these are requested on the real estate market today. Even if houses are also on the table, the apartments are easier to manage, as they are part of an entire building, making the managing job easier.

However, when you decide to get such a building, you expect to get a good profit after you have paid everything that needs to be paid. The profit comes from the rent that you ask for each apartment, and it should cover all the expenses with mortgage – if there is one, property management, the utility bills, the repairs and so on.

What People Are Looking ForReal_Estate_Appreciation

Usually, people are looking for a nice, cozy place. If you want to make sure that people will come and ask for your apartments, you really have to change the way the building looks like. If you have bought it, there is a reason why the former owner has sold it, and usually that reason is the lack of profit.

Now, wondering why is easy, but answering is even easier. If people can’t find what they are looking for in that place, they will definitely be looking for the same thing somewhere else. It’s easy and it’s actually what people usually do – look for better places to live in.

What You Can Do

First of all, you’ll need to make sure that the place is fit for living. You can check out each apartment and make a list with what it needs. The entire building might need a new HVAC system or new AC units, so see what you can do. You’ll have to make sure that there is a constant water supply and that every system works. This is the only way in which you’ll be able to ask for a higher rent and increase your profit.

Look at the walls and on the floors, but also look for the existing appliances. You can add a laundry room in the basement or on each floor, if the apartments don’t have washing machines.

What to Change

When you think about changes, mix the home Screen-Shot-2012-12-17-at-10.46.42-PMimprovement projects with interior design projects. Home improvement is what was presented earlier, along with insulation for the building, new windows for the apartments, new doors and so on. The interior design is about renovating everything – changing the colors, adding newer furniture or improving the one that is there already, adding art items – if possible, and so on.

This might seem like a big investment, but just think what kind of apartment would you choose for yourself to live in – one that has no water supply, or one that looks newly painted and has carpets on clean floors.

It’s expected to make secondary investments after you have bought a big real estate property, but with just a few projects for increasing the value of your property, you’ll be able to have more happy tenants, and in the end, it will be all worth it.

It’s Not Always about the Money in Real Estate Investing

When you think about becoming a real estate investor, the first thing that comes into your mind is the money that you need for buying the real estate property. It’s true that this is important, but there are also other important things that you have to be careful about.

f4ddfca14edd84bf841989a624cc216eHaving a real estate property as an investment means more than simply owning the place. If you think about this, then you are already a home owner and you know how many bills you have to pay each month and what maintenance is.

However, owning a bigger real estate property, like a building with apartments or an apartment complex, means that you will have more responsibilities. It’s much more than managing a single home, as this requires more attention and plenty of details to take into consideration.

The budget – that’s the easiest part. You’ll find out in no time how much money you can use from a financial institution or a bank and how much money you already have at your disposal. Sum up these two and you’ll get your budget for buying the place.

But, as the title say, it’s not always about the money when you think of real estate investing.

The property valuation – yes, this is important. This is a step that you’ll have to take BEFORE signing the papers and deciding for the property. The property valuation will give you all the details that you want to know about that property, starting from the size, the number of apartments, and the value of everything you want to buy. This is better combined with a property inspection, as this will also tell you what is the building made from, what repairs need to be done and so on. Most sellers find themselves asking how do I go about selling my home fast without hassle, and it’s during your property valuation you can show them. Property-Investment-Why-You-Should-Choose

Don’t forget that even if the price is competitive, you might need to make different repairs and this can make a hole in your budget. This can also take time and an extensive project will mean that you won’t be able to lease the apartments very soon.

The time – think about this. Think about if you have enough time to spend on taking care of this new business, because this is exactly what real estate investing is. This is a business almost like any other, but this will take up even more of your time. There are different rules and regulations about managing a property, and it can be harder for an entire building or an apartment complex. If you do this alone, you’ll have to be there 24/7, as each tenant will have a different problem or a different request and you will have to take care of everything.

The team – is represented by the people you work with. Being alone in this business means financial suicide, and you’ll risk losing all if you try to take care of everything by yourself. You’ll need someone to take care of the property management, a plumber and an electrician to be at your disposal, and even a construction contractor if you want to make significant changes in the building.

We purchase homes in los angeles quicklyYou’ll also need a lawyer and an accountant, which will make sure that the leasing contracts are in order and all the bills are paid in time.

It’s easy to come up with the money needed for this kind of real estate investment, but it’s harder to take care of the entire property by yourself. So, when you think about this kind of investment, also think if you have the passion and the time needed to make it worthwhile and work. Two of the most successful investors I know have done this very well in California; buying property, using them for rentals or resale purposes and have made a very nice living. You can learn more about how they operate and how they run their business here.