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If you are interested in selling or buying a real estate property, guadareves.com is the place to visit. Our friendly and efficient customer service will assist you with anything you need, and our experienced and knowledgeable agents will make the process of real estate transaction fast and profitable. Also, our consulting services will minimize the risks of your investment, and those are just some of the reasons why you should give us a call or visit our agency.

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Since the money makes the world go round, we are simply forced to look for ways to increase our profits and to have higher salaries.


  • Gary K. “My wife and I were saving for years to buy a home, and we tried everything to make the prices lower, but the sellers didn’t budge. However, guadareves.com was the missing piece of the puzzle, and once we contacted them – all worries were resolved, and we now live in our dream place.”

  • Marianne P. “If only I knew about guadareves.com earlier, it would save me a lot of trouble! I had problems finding the right place to buy, and they offered the help that I needed. Professional and reliable, this real estate agency is a perfect solution for anyone in need of assistance when it comes to real estate trading.”

  • Susan D. “I was always slightly intimidated by investing large amounts of money into unknown residences, but this real estate agency has made me realize that everything is much easier if you gave the right people along your side. They are very reliable and professional! “




Gordon Tooele – Our Director for Property Management, Gordon, is the most experienced member of our team, and his knowledge is an invaluable asset to our company. He has been in business for years, operating as a manager for several large corporations and real estate trusts, and he is a fully certified real estate agent.




Samantha Choco – Samantha is at the head of our Development Sector, and she is in charge of all the strategic planning and consulting that takes place within our company. Our clients most appreciate her friendly approach, and she also has the perfect instinct when it comes to finding new real estate opportunities.




Jason Anders – Since we offer accounting services, Jason is our “go-to” guy when it comes to budgeting, finance, tax planning, and so on. He has a lot of experience in this area, which makes him more than capable of handling even the most demanding of tasks and he performs his duties in a professional and reliable manner.




Evan Barton – When it comes to design and construction, Evan is the best person you should consult. He knows everything there is to know about development profitable projects and construction, which makes him more than welcome to our little team. With his expertise and business management skills, he is the perfect man for the job.