Awesome Ska Style Guitar Lesson

Welcome to the world of Ska Guitar!

Ska is a style of music that can be described as “Upbeat Reggae.” It has influenced classic rock bands like The Clash, as well as more modern bands like No Doubt.

Here we’ll look at a rhythm guitar technique that describes the basics of Ska.

This is the first example in a five-part series. We’ll work on a basic Ska rhythm, playing on the upbeats. Keep the right hand loose and moving in an up-down motion. Focus on the upbeats.

Keep a soft, clean tone with an out-of-phase pickup setting. A guitar with single coil pickups is best for this (a Fender Stratocaster or similar) but you
can also use a guitar with humbucking pickups, if you use the middle position on the pickup selector.

You’ll need to mute notes with the left hand on your down strokes. Keep the notes very short!

Don’t dig into the strings too hard or rake across them strongly with your right hand, or you will sound like a washboard. Always keep it light and loose!

For over 3000 lessons on every guitar style and technique Guitar Tricks.


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Thinking About Moving to Southern California?


The United States is recognized for many of its fabulous locations, one of them is the State of California and all that it has to offer anyone who comes to the state to enjoy the lax and luxurious lifestyle it offers.

From the moment of the Gold Rush, California has actually expanded into an increasing number of prominent sites and attractions, attracting big groups of people and tourists that go to and eventually move there.

For travelers and new comers, there are lots of things to do in Southern California and lots of areas to see that will leave you thrilled, excited, and wanting more – no matter what your passions are. It’s because of this very reason So Cal has become one of the most sought after parts of California that attracts attention and entices people to move here.

The residents of Southern California are renowned for their laid back mindset – although this isn’t always the case in some of the less affluent places – of which there are plenty, don’t get me wrong.

Among other things California, particularly Southern California is well known for is its numerous Celebrities and their wonderful lifestyle that inspires others to a high work ethic in the hopes to one day achieve this same lifestyle. Even though we both that will probably never happen. So Cal is also home to many wonderful musicians and much of the worlds influence of Music is brought here and expanded from cities like Los Angeles.

This is also the home of great business and real estate opportunities. Companies that buy houses for cash really thrive in the southern California area which makes investment opportunities one of the best business models to get into.

There are a plethora of attractive seaside vistas all along the coastline, integrated with the cozy and warm climate that draws many tourists and individuals to the beautiful San Diego and Orange County areas of Southern California.


This is the location where the US Open usually takes place which suggests that if you are interested in surfing or are an enthusiastic surfer, this is one location you cannot miss due to the amazing waves it offers those who enjoy this sport.

Swimming is rather well-liked in Orange and San Diego Counties, mostly due to the fact that there are so several sunny, cozy days every year with warm weather and rarely a cloud in the sky.

The Pacific Coastline Freeway runs along the coast for much of Southern California. From this one freeway alone, you could access many miles of seasides which are great for road trips for the whole family. As there are many mountain and canyon areas. One could likewise enjoy great hiking on foot and/or mountain bike rides through the countless trails found all along the mountains and beach sides.

Eating in Southern California will also leave you wanting more as the food here is spectacular. Considering that people have relocated to The golden state from all over the globe, you can locate good Mexican, Chinese, Thai and a much wider array of ethnic, foreign and domestic foods to satisfy any of your appetites.


Certainly, there are an assortment of clubs for those that intend to partake in the nightlife, from dancing to comedy clubs, live bands and everything between. There are areas that include the trendiest spots that appeal mostly to the younger crowds.

And, for art lovers, this is the place to be. Numerous renowned artists make their home right here and have their art showed in galleries along side the Laguna Coastline. Given that this is a real fine art colony, one of the oldest in California, there is even a cart one can use to go gallery hopping and it is free of cost for the general public.

As the majority of us currently understand, there is something enchanting that exists in the southern part of this fine and populated state. Its importance in tv, movies and songs absolutely contribute to the influence of the Golden State. Even a person who has actually never ever gone to California has a fantasized version of what it’s like to live here from all the media hype it has earned. The famous Beach Boys track “California Girls” or the TV program “Baywatch” are just two examples.

Everyone has their own unique view of what California would be like and most who don’t live here dream that they could.

So if you need to sell a house in San Diego, Orange, L.a and Ventura Counties, you will find absolutely no problem doing so since real estate over here sells like hot-cakes. You can be certain that you won’t be dissatisfied if you choose to visit this lovely location or even move here. If your move is serious, check out this Real Estate agent who could possibly help you:

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Best Place to Get Started Playing the Guitar in GuadaReves

new guitar player

First, I just want to thank you for taking the time to read this article, as the recommendations on here have been meticulously researched for your overall benefit to get the best lessons possible if you happen to be an aspiring musician interested in learning the guitar.

What I love about the guitar, is depending on your emotional state, the sounds produced by a Guitar can cater to joyful and or sorrowful emotions. The sounds produced are sounds of emotion when you learn how to bring the proper notes together in the proper context.

Chord progressions in this respect can also have this same emotional element just by strumming them in a specific pattern.

For musicians, the Guitar is not just an instrument, but an artificial extension of their being that allows them to transcribe musically, the emotional landscapes they wish to convey through the sound of their music. It is a unification between man and machine, machine and soul that makes it possible for these musicians to sound as good as they do. To get some of the best advice you can find online if you’re a new player make sure to check out:

I was once told that the real secret to being able to play well, has not so much to do with mechanically playing the instrument, but expressing and “feeling” your emotions as you play the instrument. When you can play from an emotional instead of mechanical perspective, your playing can and will improved quite drastically.

Guitar pointers like this can be found all throughout the history of music, through one-on-one coaching sessions with an actual coach, or using resources online to help guide you on your path to learning your instrument. Lessons are everywhere now a days online and it can be quite confusing as who to go with and who has a teaching style you identify with the most.

Granted, you WILL have to do a little bit of research and probably watch several hours of video trainings in order to find a teacher or lesson provider that’s right for you…but…when you do it will make your world of learning how to play the guitar in Guada Reves that much easier.

My personal preferred playing style is the Flamenco guitar and it only took a few searches online to find some really awesome lessons that are helping me develop this type of playing style.

So if you want to get started quick this is what I recommend you do immediately before even thinking about getting a one to one coach who will likely cost you an arm and a leg and from whom, you won’t get as good as lessons as you could get online.

Where with a teacher you’re restricted to his teaching and him only, and not being able to have all the lessons he teaches you recorded in HD you can get all of this online from varied instructors all with video instructions that you can refer back to over and over if you have to look back at something. If you happen to be a bit more experienced and are looking for more of a challenge to your playing then check out:

If you also happen to be a left hand player, you would also want to find a teacher who is left handed as well. And seeing as how this can be a challenge you can easily find this kind of information online for free. So it’s a no brainer that if you want to get started, getting started online is the best choice that you can make to get started quickly.

The good thing about online lessons is that they are also very cost efficient. You won’t be paying nearly as much as you would with a personal coach.

For just 10 bucks a month you can get started playing and learn from some of the top guitarists in their fields today at a fraction of the cost.

I’m talking full blown, professional, detailed and easy to understand training that will propel your playing skills and abilities from the ground up. What’s even better, is if you’re a new guitarist, these sites will help you build the proper foundation so the rest of the skills you develop will develop properly without any bad habits that might and probably will pop up if you didn’t have this kind of structured instruction.

This is probably the best solutions if you’re serious about getting started playing the guitar so I would either do a search on google. Or simply visit a website that covers in depth, many of these different sites so all you have to do is check it out, find the site you want to get started with and then join and get started playing your instrument in a well fashioned manner that you will learn a ton of useful information from.

You can get started here:

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